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"Music can name the unnameable

and communicate the unknowable."

                                                                                                --Leonard Bernstein

Linda Chen Piano Studio offers private piano lessons to students of all ages and levels ranging from beginning to advanced.  Students have weekly one-on-one lessons with tailored instructions that take into account both the teacher and the parents' expectations as well as the student's individual learning style and needs.  The goal of the lesson is not only to teach the student how to play the piano, but how to help the student become a more well-rounded musician.  This includes learning basic fundamentals such as music theory, developing one's own musical sensitivity and taste, and most importantly, music appreciation. Opportunities for performance throughout the year include twice yearly recitals as well as participation in musical events through organizations such as KCMTA, KMTA, RCM and M.A.M.A.

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Located in south Overland Park in the Blue Valley school district. Near Antioch, between 127th and 135th St.  Conveniently located within 5-10 mins. driving distance to Blue Valley Northwest and Blue Valley North High Schools, Overland Trail Elementary and Middle Schools.  Within walking distance to Heartland Elementary School.  

Studio News/Important Dates
May 4, 2024:  Achievement Auditions at UMKC--NO LESSONS
May 21-31, 2024:  End-of-Semester Break--NO LESSONS
June 1, 2024:  Summer Session Begins
July 27, 2024:  Summer Recital
August 1-4, 2024:  M.A.M.A. in St. Louis
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