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"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary

is practice."

                                                                                                --Vladimir Horowitz



Tuition will be calculated by semester during the school year rather than as an hourly charge or by the lesson.  There will be 2 semesters--Fall and Winter/Spring. The monthly tuition during each semester will remain the same regardless of the number of monthly lessons.  Tuition will be prorated for summer lessons for June and July (see below regarding summer lessons).  The full monthly tuition is due regardless of attendance.  The Winter/Spring semester runs from Tuesday, January 9, 2024 through Saturday, May 18, 2024.  This is a 15 weeks term and everyone will receive the same number of lessons.  Please refer to the Studio Calendar tab on the website for important dates and events.  Monthly rates are as follows:

30 minute lessons:  $110 per month (5 installments from January through May)

60 minute lessons:  $220 per month (5 installments from January through May)

90 minute lessons:  $330 per month (5 installments from January through May)

Tuition is due on or before the first lesson day of the month, or may be paid by the semester/year.  This tuition covers not only the lesson itself, but includes the teacher's expertise and training, the planning and preparation of recitals and other musical events, professional organizations membership and any other studio expenses.  Please click here for an interesting viewpoint in an article about what your tuition pays for.  Students are welcome to request additional lessons, depending on the teacher's availabilities.  

Payments accepted includes cash, check, Apple Pay, Venmo (@LindaChenPiano) or online through PayPal or Bank of America/Zelle (via Tuition is nonrefundable.  Late payments received after the 10th day of each month will incur a $10 late fee.  

Additional Fees

Any extra lessons in addition to the specified weeks above are not included in the tuition and are subject to a prorated rate (30 minutes for $33, 60 minutes for $66, etc).  Music book/sheet music and event registration fees are separate from the tuition.  Music is purchased by the teacher as needed and reimbursed accordingly in a timely manner.  All event registration fees must be paid for prior to enrollment in any musical event or activity.  


Virtual Lessons

This is not the preferred method for music lessons for many reasons (unreliable internet connections, poor sound quality, unable to physically correct a student's technique, etc.).  Although we live in a world of advancing technology and the appeal of online lessons may seem easy and convenient; however, when it comes to music (either making music or consuming music), this is not ideal.  The teacher requires that ALL lessons be held in-person, unless the student is out-of-state or cannot safely come in-person due to inclement weather (please read under 'Canceled Lessons').  COVID-19 safety precautions are firmly in place to ensure the health of both the student and the teacher to conduct lessons in-person.  

Canceled Lessons


Your paid tuition reserves a slot in the teacher's weekly schedule and every effort should be made to attend every lesson.  No payment credit or makeup lessons will be provided for students who miss lessons for any reason.  No exceptions.  To help accommodate an occasional unavoidable change in student's schedules, a studio roster with contact info of all students will be distributed so that you can switch times with another family should you have a conflict (this includes sports/school activities, family vacations, illnesses, etc.)  It is up to you to contact each other.  If weather makes traveling to the studio impossible, Skype/Facetime lesson during the regular lesson time can be given.  In the rare occasion that I have to cancel outside of the "No Lessons" dates marked on the Studio Calendar, the teacher will make it up at another agreed upon time.  

Performance Opportunities


All students are strongly encouraged to participate in the studio recitals held twice a year (Winter and Summer) as well as many other performance opportunities (competitive as well as non-competitive).  All activities (and their pertinent enrollment deadlines) will be put on the Studio Calendar.  Those who sign up for competitions or auditions will agree to put forth the effort and commitment necessary for optimal results.  Any ill-prepared students will risk their participation in these events.  

Summer Lessons

It is strongly advised that all students take lessons the entire year round, this includes the summer, however your need to take vacations or have some time off is understandable.  Summer lessons will be prorated at $33 for 1/2 hour for the months of June and July.  Any student who would like to  participate in summer and fall events such as our Summer Recital, M.A.M.A., District/State and Fall Festival will be required  to take summer lessons--at least 5 lessons total (does not need to be consecutive) from the start of June to the end of July.  Failure to do so will compromise the student's participation in these events.  There will be no lessons after the Summer Recital (in late July) until school starts.  If a student's absence is for more than 4 consecutive weeks before the summer recital, a retaining fee of $132 (cannot be applied as a credit towards Fall lessons) will hold your spot for the summer or you forfeit your spot in the studio.  Summer lessons may be canceled or rescheduled (subject to the teacher's schedule) with 48 hours notice.


As with any other recreational pursuits (such as sports, ballet, art, etc.), that require proper equipments or gear, this is also the case with studying piano.  In order to maximize the concepts taught during lessons, the student needs an adequate instrument to practice on at home.  An acoustic piano (that is properly maintained and regularly tuned) is ideal.  Anything less than that will not be conducive for proper training.  


In order to master any type of skill, consistent practice is necessary.  This is especially true for studying the piano.  Lessons should not be considered "practice" like sports--"practice" is something that is to be done at home, not during lesson time.  Daily practice is expected with quality over quantity as the general rule of thumb.  Playing a piece from beginning to end several times without careful thought is not considered practicing and is just as bad as not practicing.  The student should focus on trouble spots or small sections for efficiency.  The teacher will show the student how to practice more effectively.  

Setting a consistent time at home (e.g., 30 mins. right after school) for practicing the piano will help establish good practice habits and routine.  A young beginner may need the help of a parent sitting next to them to guide their practice.  

Leaving the Studio

Please notify the teacher for discontinuation of lessons.  Two weeks notice is required to allow the teacher to fill the spot.  


The teacher reserves the right to dismiss any student for the following reasons:  frequent absences, lack of practice, disrespectful behavior, failure to respect the teacher's expertise, or nonpayment of tuition.  

Photo and Video Release

Video clips and photos taken by the teacher at recitals and other piano/music related events will occasionally be posted to the studio website or on social media as a way to share studio events, activities or students' accomplishments.  The teacher reserves the right to use these video recordings or photographs of students for use in lesson demonstration, on this studio website and/or social media to promote the studio.  Photos taken by the teacher, or that are shared with the teacher by other parents or students, become the property of the studio and can be used at the discretion of the teacher in regards to the studio.  The studio follows online safety rules in this matter.

Current Students
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